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Raspberry Pi Robot Car Course in Santa Clara

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Welcome to the exciting world of autonomous robots! In this comprehensive course, Students will learn about the basics of robotic cars and how they operate. Students will then design and construct an autonomous vehicle utilizing the versatile and powerful Raspberry Pi single-board computer combined with various custom components including sensors and controllers.

Autonomous Raspberry Pi Robot Car Education Program.

This is a great opportunity to unleash students' creativity and technical abilities, whether they are experienced makers or just starting out. During the duration of the course, Students will become proficient at programming their robot to navigate its environment, detect obstacles, follow lines, and execute advanced algorithms. By utilizing Block coding/Python, one of the most widely used languages in robotics, students will be able to quickly grasp key programming concepts that can be applied to other applications.

Course Comments (03)

Aya Artola

In this camp, every day for two weeks, my son got to code, learn since, make robots cars, and made new friends. He had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! Every new day was so exciting for him. He experienced many new levels of thinking and having fun with friends! I hope you can join the camp, too!

Desiree Weaver

My 10 year old enjoyed this camp. He is a bit more advanced and completed the intended project early, so I appreciated that Jyothi gave him opportunities to explore and experiment with other technologies and equipment. My son especially appreciated the less-structured afternoons where he could follow his interests. He did have complaints of equipment not always working properly, but I imagine that is hard to stay on top of when you have kids handling it and perhaps offers a problem solving opportunity for the kids.

Rinky Gupta

My kids went to robotics winter camp offered by Future Bytes - Raspberry Pi Car Robotics. They were very happy, had fun and learned new things every day. Materials were very thought out and planned. Appropriate for the age and learning in a fun way. Not only this camp is excellent in teaching kids everything in the camp’s tech description but also taught some key entrepreneurial stuff such as how to formulate business ideas , financial knowledge, biz kids examples & differentiators and skills to be a successful leader. Both my kids enjoyed the camp so much that they would continue to program & write down their business plan until late night every day, I had to take away their computers to stop them. Overall, I am very happy with the camp and would enroll kids again in the summer. Thanks Jyothi for your dedication towards giving kids a wonderful experience!

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