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Arduino Circuits Design and Simulation Course in Santa Clara.

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This comprehensive course provides students with hands-on training in circuit design and simulation using the powerful tool combination of Tinkercad and Arduino. During this course, you will learn how to use these tools to create and simulate electronic circuit designs, understand fundamental principles of electricity, and utilize the latest industry technologies such as LED lights, temperature sensors, and motor controllers, among others.

Master Circuit Design and Simulation Course in Santa Clara.

You will start by learning the basics of circuit design with Tinkercad, and then move on to programming different types of outputs using C++ code. Alongside that we’ll go over circuit analysis techniques, and how to analyze and optimize your circuit to perform better. We will also cover topics such as power management and analog integration, enabling you to design more efficient and robust circuits. Finally, you will discover the principles behind machine learning and artificial intelligence for circuits and experiment with practical examples.

Students will acquire extensive knowledge of these tools and apply their newly acquired skills in several hands-on lab exercises, culminating in a capstone project where each participant designs, simulates, and tests a full-scale circuit of their choice. This is an exciting opportunity to get hands-on expertise, practice cutting-edge technology in circuit design and simulation, and make awesome projects!

Course Comments (03)

Anshu Chakrabortty

My 9 year old daughter attended the 1 week Circuit Design & Simulation summer camp at Future bytes. She is generally shy and did not always enjoy the electronic stuff. The owner and the future bytes instructors made her really comfortable and explained complicated concepts with hands-on easy instructions and practical examples. She loved it and wants to go back for camp in spring!

Poonam Gadhok

.My son took the circuit design class and it was very well-organized and structured. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable. One of the standout features of the class was the individual attention that the teacher provided to each student. She was always available to answer questions and provide additional support when needed. She also made an effort to get to know each student and understand their individual needs and learning styles, which made the class feel personalized and tailored to our specific needs.Teaching approach was very hands-on, which allowed kids to gain practical experience and apply the concepts that were learned in class

Jaiden Wirasinghe

I attending Futurebytes spring camp and it was a very fun experience. I went with my friend and we learned numerous things on how to make circuits. Overall this camp was very fun and hands on as I learned about LEDs to complex circuits.

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