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App development by MIT App Inventor

Get Creative with MIT App Inventor - Transform Your Ideas into Functional Mobile Apps without Code Discover the power of transforming your imagination into functional mobile apps without writing code. In this unique hands-on class, students will use MIT App Inventor – a user-friendly software platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This innovative tool simplifies app creation by arranging blocks of code visually onscreen like puzzle pieces, making it accessible even if you have no previous experience coding.

During this intensive but fun session, participants will learn the fundamentals of app building while shaping and refining personal projects or experimental prototypes that could potentially serve real-life purposes. The following topics are included to kickstart your app journey:

Module 1 | Getting Started & User Interface Design Understand App Inventor basics, tools layouts, screen arrangement, & component management for creating dynamic interfaces.

Module 2 | Control Flow & Logical Operations Unlock computational thinking skills essential in any programming language by manipulating control structures and logical operations to make decisions inside your app.

Module 3 | Data Persistence & Storage Examine databases and files, allowing users to save app data locally or store it remotely in services such as Google Drive API integration.

Module 4 | Advanced Techniques & Troubleshooting Tips Embark on more complex topics such as timers, animations, lists, social media APIs, internet communication, & troubleshooting tips for common errors.

Course Comments (03)

Wen Zhao

“Both my 11-year-old and five year old enjoyed their respective camps thoroughly. The app inventor program is pragmatic and hands-on, allowing my older one to generate a real chat app that functions very well. The little one gets to join the endeavor of making a moon city. Will certainly return for next year.”

Adhu Samar

My son went here for a week and learnt so many concepts . Totally recommend it.

Corina Tyagi

My kids really enjoyed this summer camp. We'll definitely be back.

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