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Phython Programming For Rookies

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An Introduction to Coding for Absolute Beginners" is aimed specifically at individuals who are looking to get started in the vast and exciting world of coding. We understand that starting from scratch may seem daunting; don't worry, we've got you covered. Our expert trainers will first introduce you to fundamental programming concepts such as variables, data types, conditions, loops, functions, and many others, all made possible through Python's simple yet robust syntax. No prior knowledge of coding is required, so rest assured that everyone starts at the same level here.

In addition to covering theoretical aspects, our hands-on approach ensures students apply what they have learned right away. They will progressively work on small but meaningful exercises, gradually ramping up the complexity as you progress. By the conclusion of our comprehensive course, you should expect a solid foundation in Python programming. Students will confidently create their own scripts, solve problems, and automate tasks using the language. More importantly, they will obtain the necessary groundwork needed to venture deeper into web development, data science, and artificial intelligence. Enroll today, and embark on your coding journey with us!

Course Comments (03)

Tarana Damania

Extremely well-run camp. Caring owner and wonderful staff. Both my daughters participated in the circuits, python and art camps and could articulate what they learned effectively. Only wish this camp was closer to home!!

Olga Shechter

My kids just completed a Python for Rookies week-long camp with teacher Andrew and they are begging me to leave him “10 stars!” They learned so much during this camp and were really excited to continue coding at home in the evenings. They are now asking for more Python classes. Andrew was very friendly and supportive, and according to my kids, gave them a lot of his undivided attention. Thank you Futurebytes!

Sudha Soloman

Our son had an opportunity be in the Python program. He enjoyed learning in the class. Teachers are kind and passionate. We really appreciate.

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