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Minecraft Modding Course for Kids

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In this fun and interactive course, students aged 7 to 11 will learn how to create their Minecraft mods using beginner programming concepts and tools such as Visual Studio Code and Fabric API. Students will work together in small groups to design and build simple projects that can extend gameplay elements within Minecraft. Topics covered include event handling, variable manipulation, conditionals, functions, and more. By the end of the class, students will have gained valuable experience in creative problem-solving, teamwork, and basic coding principles while creating something unique in one of their favorite games!

Minecraft Modding Course Curriculum.

Course overview: Introductions & Setting up the Environment, Getting familiarized with the tools and environment used in Minecraft Modding. Setting up the development environment with all the necessary software and APIs. Going through some sample mod projects, discussing the basics of Java programming language, variables, events, etc, getting started with mod creation, and moving deeper into understanding events handling in Minecraft via demos and exercises. Lots of experimentation time is given to students during every day’s lecture.

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Nevon S

The robotics and programming courses at Futurebytes are very educational and interesting for the students. There are many different great options for classes.

Kosmi Kotalia

My 10 years old had a summer camp here. Very nice staff and good summer programs.

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