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LEGO Robotics Education With Spike in Santa Clara

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The Lego Robotics Spike Prime Course is designed for students aged 9 and above who have some experience working with Legos and robotics but may not yet have had any exposure to programming. This hands-on, project-based course introduces students to coding using Scratch, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows them to create simple programs for their robots.

Lego Robotics Course to Explore Your Creativity.

Students learn how to build, program, and control autonomous robots while exploring STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) concepts, such as motors, sensors, gears, and basic engineering principles. In this course, students work individually or in pairs to design and build a variety of robots, including cars, drones, and animals. As they progress through the course, they are introduced to new hardware components and software features, allowing them to create increasingly complex robots with advanced capabilities.

By the end of the course, students should have a strong understanding of coding basics, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking abilities. The key outcomes of this course include developing a foundation in computer science and basic electrical circuitry. Additionally, participants improve communication skills by discussing ideas and explaining solutions, all while gaining experience collaborating on a team as they create projects together.

Course Comments (03)

Michael Jones

My son just finished their summer lego robot camp this week and he had a great time. Already asking to go back for a Thanksgiving or Christmas camp if available. Definitely recommend for anyone with kids interested in robotics/STEM

Yong Li

My daughter spent a week in this place for the Lego camp. She enjoyed it very much! The teachers are all nice and my kid loves them! When the camp was done, she told me she want to come back in next session!

San-San Lin

Nice, guided, creative learning! Putting imagination to work in a cooperative setting!

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