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VEX Robotics Junior

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Ready to dive headfirst into an immersive STEM world via VEX Robotics? Then join us for our exclusive VEX Go Introduction & Advanced Training programs. These highly engaging, hands-on events cater to rookie and returning participants eager to expand their mechanical engineering, programming, and design abilities alike. Throughout these dynamic workshops, we emphasize crucial skills required for successful VEX competition involvement at various tiers.

VEX Go Introduction: Created specifically for novice individuals or teams needing structured instruction grounding them in the fundamentals. Content covers components overview, VEX code programming essentials, driving principles, team strategy formulation, and elementary robot design methodologies geared toward completing current Season Challenges. You can expect guidance ensuring seamless adoption into the VEX community. Don't get left behind; sign up now and begin your journey unlocking endless opportunities available with VEX Robotics.

VEX Go Advanced: Meant for those who possess fundamental understanding yet hunger for progressive skill enhancement. Delve deeper into the complexity of intricate mechanisms, fine-tune your VEX code application mastery, optimize autonomous routines, develop efficient driver controls, explore cutting-edge VEX solutions, and cultivate championship mentalities. By joining our advanced cohort, prepare for extraordinary advancements, as well as heightened chances at capturing invitations to esteemed event series.

Our passionate instructors meticulously craft thoughtful agendas designed around interaction and active experimentation. Both workshop types encourage peer-to-peer interactions, enabling connections between fellow VEX enthusiasts. Furthermore, attendees gain access to coveted insider information regarding the ever-evolving landscape of VEX Robotics Competition, allowing for more informed decision-making when tackling forthcoming challenges. So why wait? Join us soonest to embark upon an incredible edutainment adventure filled with creativity and ingenuity.

Course Comments (03)

Aaron Chiu

My son love the activities. The lego technic activities get him busy each day. teachers are very thoughtful and caring, definitely would sign up for other classes in the near future.

Wei Shen

The activities are fun, my daughter like it a lot. Would like to come back again. The instructor are very considerate.

Yevgeniya Khayn

I signed up my 7 yo son for a one week summer Robotics Camp. He absolutely loved it! projects they worked on were fun and educational, at the end they presented parents final project that all kids did and it was really great! I highly recommend it!

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