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Coding Classes and Camps for Kids in Santa Clara

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"PLAY with CODE" is an interactive, engaging program designed specifically for young children aged 6 years old and up who want to learn computer coding basics in a fun and enjoyable manner. This innovative approach uses games, stories, animations, and other exciting elements that capture the imagination while teaching basic programming concepts such as loops, sequences, algorithms, variables, functions, conditionals, events, data structures, debugging, syntax, and more.

Inside this digital playground, kids can explore different worlds where they create their own characters, make decisions, solve problems, design projects, and experiment with code commands without fear of making mistakes - all while fostering cognitive development and logical reasoning skills essential for future success. As they progress through each level, children acquire problem-solving strategies, creativity, resilience, and self-confidence that prepare them not only for computer science but life itself!

The user-friendly interface adapts to individual learning styles and abilities, ensuring that every child progresses at their own pace while having endless entertainment opportunities. From dragging and dropping blocks to typing scripts, little ones find satisfaction in creating personalized results by interacting with colorful visual elements and hearing positive feedback.

Course Comments (03)

Satish Kambala

My kid had a blast with this camp. The camp is well organized and there is flexibility for kids to explore other things in the place.Staff are very knowledgeable and gave good suggestions for how to continue his interest post camp.

Hamsa Dummi

My son really liked the program he went to - play with code and thank you to all his teachers for creating a positive experience!

Saurav Sahay

I like this center - kids get to do hands-on activities and the teachers here are very flexible about making sure the tasks are suitable for the kids - my child completed some sessions that were for the week pretty quickly and they moved my child to the next level. The best thing is that my child enjoyed the activities and wants to do more of this! 👍 thank you for running good programs.

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