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3D Printing and Designing Course for Kids in Santa Clara

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Unleash your child's creative genius with our dynamic program, "Maker Mavericks: 3D Printing Entrepreneurship"! Upon completion, your young innovator will embark on a transformative journey, turning dreams into tangible realities. From the get-go, participants dive into the mesmerizing realm of 3D printing, gaining hands-on experience in conception, design, and fabrication of remarkable objects straight from their imagination.

Maker Mavericks: 3D printing Entrepreneurship

This course transcends conventional learning, fostering independence, nurturing entrepreneurial skills, and igniting an unbridled passion for boundless creativity. Join us in sculpting a future where your child emerges as a true Maker Maverick, empowered to shape the world with their limitless imagination and 3D printing prowess! Delve into 3D Printing History, Master Safety Protocols and Materials, Experience Hands-On Assembly, Explore Architectural Creativity with SketchUp, Bring Ideas to Vivid Life, and immerse yourself in the Maker Mavericks Journey.

This course is more than education; it's an immersive adventure empowering young innovators to become Maker Mavericks, poised to mold the future with their ingenuity and 3D printing mastery. Benefit from fostering technological literacy, enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, and laying a robust groundwork for future exploration in STEM disciplines. Experience teamwork, collaboration, and a captivating learning voyage with exclusive access to top-tier 3D printers, computers equipped with modeling software, safety equipment, and printing materials, along with comprehensive course materials, tutorials, and reference resources.

Course Comments (03)

Joyce L.

My 5 year old and 7 year old both love the art class and all the afternoon activities. They both like the teacher and their classmate. And their paintings are pretty! Each afternoon they learn different topics (chemistry, space, etc) and my kids talked to me about those things after I picked them up. They were engaged throughout the day.

Jennifer Mchenry

My 6 year old daughter absolutely loved the Creative Art Summer camp. She adored her teacher. The kids had tons of fun while also learning very valuable techniques. This camp has definitely sparked an interest in my daughter that we will continue to cultivate. There were small groups which allowed each student to get individualized attention. We will certainly take this camp again.

Enrique Jaramillo

My 5 year old boy attended this camp and he had a great time. He had a lot of fun learning and teachers took great care of him. I will definitely do it again.

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