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Data Wizards: Machine Learning Basics

This Data Wizards course provides a peek into the world of Machine Learning and data-driven discovery and engineering. This course will explore the essentials of data science, covering skills like data gathering, cleaning, visualizing and analyzing using Python. Through interactive sessions with expert teachers and hands-on projects, students will dive into the inner workings of machine learning algorithms, covering everything from classification to regression. Participants will see firsthand how these algorithms uncover insights and predictions from data, and will have a chance to unleash their creativity by building and training their own machine learning model. Join us as we explore the magic of data science and machine learning together!

Age: 12 to 15 years

5/5 Rating

Course Comments (03)

Alexey Bokov

Camp is just great - learning content and tool/legos/ipads is perfectly setup for helping kids to have fun and learn a lot in small groups working together under building city from lego or other projects. Camp staff is very helpful and friendly. I can mention only one problem which I had every day - how to get my 7 yo son back home from this camp. Highly recommended, one of the best STEM camps in South Bay.

Tess Tran

My 5 year old had a great time at FutureBytes, and learned a lot about robotics and design! This was his first time doing a summer camp, and he really struggled with separation anxiety during drop off. The staff was so caring and understanding and did a great job helping him calm down, make friends, and have fun! Ms. Jyoti in particular went out of her way to help him feel safe and welcome; she's very nurturing and kind. Highly recommend if your kid loves Legos!

karishma kharat

My son Niaan who is 5 had a lot of fun and was fully engaged. He learned new things with LEGO building.. I definitely recommend it if your child likes LEGO machines.

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