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An Interactive Exploration of Artificial Intelligence

In this course, budding technologists will delve into the amazing world of AI by exploring topics such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Robotics. Through a dynamic blend of engaging discussions, hands-on activities, and interactive demonstrations, students will uncover the vast applications of AI in our world, spanning industries from healthcare and education to entertainment and more.

By the course's conclusion, participants will not only possess a comprehensive overview of the field, but also a robust AI toolkit to fuel their own projects and pursuits. Whether they aspire to create intelligent chatbots, analyze complex datasets, or develop their own innovative solutions to real-world problems, students will leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to turn their AI dreams into reality. Join us on this exciting journey where the potential of AI knows no bounds!

Age: 11 to 16 years

5/5 Rating

Course Comments (03)

Alexey Bokov

Camp is just great - learning content and tool/legos/ipads is perfectly setup for helping kids to have fun and learn a lot in small groups working together under building city from lego or other projects. Camp staff is very helpful and friendly. I can mention only one problem which I had every day - how to get my 7 yo son back home from this camp. Highly recommended, one of the best STEM camps in South Bay.

Tess Tran

My 5 year old had a great time at FutureBytes, and learned a lot about robotics and design! This was his first time doing a summer camp, and he really struggled with separation anxiety during drop off. The staff was so caring and understanding and did a great job helping him calm down, make friends, and have fun! Ms. Jyoti in particular went out of her way to help him feel safe and welcome; she's very nurturing and kind. Highly recommend if your kid loves Legos!

karishma kharat

My son Niaan who is 5 had a lot of fun and was fully engaged. He learned new things with LEGO building.. I definitely recommend it if your child likes LEGO machines.

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