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Coding with Makeblock Mbot and Mbot Neo Robots

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"Introduction to Programming & Coding with Makeblock Mbot and Mbot Neo Robots" Description: In this course, students will learn how to program and control Makeblock's popular robot kits - the Mbot and Mbot Neo. We will start by introducing basic concepts in programming and coding using Scratch and Arduino-based languages, before moving on to more advanced topics such as sensor integration and customizability of the robots. Students will have hands-on practice building and modifying their own robots, developing algorithms and programs that bring them to life. By the end of the course, they will not only have developed strong technical skills but also gained creativity, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and teamwork while having fun exploring these exciting STEM tools! No prior experience is necessary.

MBot and MBot Neo are Advanced coding robot kits for STEAM education: This innovative and easy-to-build robot will inspire kids to learn, grow, and play in limitless ways. Students can step into the world of CS and technology learning by utilizing precision motion control with encoder motors, expandable build modules, and structural parts that come together in a unique programmable design.

AI and IoT Learning Encouragement: Featuring an onboard microphone and a high-quality speaker, CyberPi works with mBlock’s cognitive services to make speech recognition and text reading much easier, helping students explore advanced technologies. Kids will be able to start completely from scratch and transfer into real coding like Python with a simple click to gradually progress without changing to other software.

Course Comments (03)

Mayra Susana

If there were more stars I would give even more to Futrebytes. I first found them at an afterschool "fair" at my son's school. I decided to try their Lego robotics class and my son absolutely loved it. I have to say, he is very difficult to please; he is very active and smart so, he might enjoy things that are interesting to him at first but then get bored. Jyoti noticed he was ready for more challenges even before he started feeling bored and she allowed him to try new things while guiding him when she deemed necessary but letting him experiment on his own when she saw he was capable. Needless to say, he couldn't wait until the day of the class and wouldn't miss it for anything!!! Now he is taking several classes a week (since they offer different classes, he is taking Lego robotics, and circuit design) and will be taking camps during spring break and during summer with them. Their curriculum is amazing and the materials as well, but the way they engage the kids is absolutely outstanding. I truly recommend them to everyone I have the chamce to talk to about theor classes!

Minyan Quan

My son attended 1 week camp at Christmas week and he really loves it! He built a lot of things on his own and was so excited to make it move with the iPad! The teachers are really nice there and we will definitely return next time!

Tetiana Zolotukhina

Super friendly instructors. Kids built they own robots and had a lot of fun!

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